Inspiring Stories in Speech Language Pathology

For all the SLPs out there working tirelessly to make a difference in the lives of children and adults with speech and hearing impairments…here are some stories that we hope will inspire you even through the most routine of days.

  • Mind Over Matter:  A Dutch ALS quadriplegic mother is given the gift of communication with a brain implant.
  • Sign Of The Times:  With the help of deaf-owned Convo Communications, a pizzeria caters to its deaf and hearing community.
  • Fine Tuning:  ASL Interpreter, Amber Gallego, shares her passion and unique skills with hearing impaired music fans everywhere.
  • Finding One’s Voice:  Dr. Rupal Patel’s, Ph.D., CCC-SLP, inspiring work with donor voices enables a cerebral palsy child to “speak” age appropriately.
  • Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil:  A nonverbal child finds comfort and a means of interaction with the help of a deaf dog.

At Centra we believe that Speech Language Pathologists are a special breed working in a career that is concretely impactful. Contact us at 800 571 6511 to see how we can help you to transform many more lives!

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