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Each year the film industry honors its own, culminating in the award for “Best Picture”.  Distinctive plots and unforgettable characters are what distinguish the nominees from the other annual offerings.  But sometimes it is the backdrop, be it rural or urban, that adds to our understanding and visual enjoyment of the story being told.  Five of 2017’s crop certainly would not have had the same impact if not for the beauty, grit and uniqueness of their settings.  

The same can be said for “real life”. Sure there are economic incentives to contract positions.  But there is no denying that there are also very personal factors which go into the decision to be a traveler, one of which is location.  Here are Centra’s suggestions for Oscar inspired places to try:

🌟Moonlight (Best Picture):  Find out why “It’s So Miami” is much more than a slogan.  Sun, sand and sea mix with everything a multicultural metro area has to offer.

🌟La La Land:  And on the other coast sits Miami’s twin, Los Angeles, just as vibrant and multicultural but with a very laid back California attitude.

🌟Manchester-By-The-Sea:  If the seashore beckons but not the crowds, this quintessential New England town is an easy drive from Boston.

🌟Hidden Figures: Steeped in history, some of it “hidden” until now, Hampton, VA is “First From the Sea, First to the Stars” as a center for exploration of all kinds.

🌟Fences:  At the meeting of 3 great rivers, lies “Steel City” Pittsburgh, now a top visitor’s destination with award-winning museums, restaurants and sports teams.

You too can live in a movie setting!  Call one of our industry experts today at 800 571 6511 and let us help you fulfill your wish list of places to see.

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