A Beacon For All: The Mayo Clinic Expands



    A great hospital or other healthcare facility can literally transform a city or town.  Rochester, MN and its famed Mayo Clinic is a case in point.  Which is why Livability ranked Rochester #1 on its “Top 100 Best Places to Live 2016”. Over the next two decades, Mayo will enlarge its already impressive campus, adding thousands of new jobs.  That expansion has inspired other urban institutions as well, including The University of Minnesota which is beefing up its satellite campus. But, the anticipated influx of temporary and permanent residents could seriously burden the city’s infrastructures. So the Clinic has taken the financial lead on a downtown project to improve everything from streets to sidewalks to sewer lines. A expected demand for more housing and parking in the city’s core is also sparking an uptick in the construction sector.

   In fact, the new “Destination Medical Center” has repercussions for the entire state.  The Mayo Clinic currently contributes about 4% annually to Minnesota’s GDP (Gross Domestic Product), a figure that will likely increase once the center is completed.  State officials are not about to have such an economic powerhouse lured away by another state or country in the foreseeable future.  Looking for a stable healthcare career and great quality of life across the “Land of 10,000 Lakes”?  Contact Centra today!

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